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We realize the sheer amount of information we have here and the plethora of services we provide can be a lot to take in all at once. Perhaps there are some unanswered questions you have after browsing our site. We can help! We have compiled a list here of the most frequent questions our clients ask and have provided our best answers to those questions. If you still have questions that are not covered here, we want to answer those too! Please use the form on our contact page and we would be happy to explain anything at all about our services.


After you have received your confirmation e-mail your car is guaranteed to be waiting for you at the location and scheduled pick up time you requested. We will arrive at your location 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. If our driver is late more than 10 minutes you ride FREE.

We monitor all inbound flights, so that we are waiting for you at the airport according to your flights landing time. You do not need to call us if your flight is delayed. If you change flights, you must call us with the new flight info.

Your Airline, Flight Number, and Flight Time, for example “American Airlines Flight #1020 Arriving @ 5:25 PM”. This info is required for Arriving flights, but not required for for departing flights as we do not monitor outbound flights.

Please follow the instructions listed on your confirmation e-mail as different airports have different pick up procedures. If for any reason you cannot access your email confirmation, please call us at (888) 598-6555 once you have collected all of your luggage’s and we will instruct you where to go.

Yes, we provide car seats for kids of all ages for an extra cost. Child seats can only be ordered with our Sedan and SUV service.

Absolutely, we service all Private Airports (FBOs) in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan.

No, we do not charge waiting time for airport arrivals. As long as we have the correct airline and flight number for you reservation, our chauffeur will be waiting in the limo holing lot while you collect your luggage’s.

Alcohol consumption is allowed only in our stretch limousines where there is a partition between the passengers and the driver. Alcohol consumption or possession is not permitted if any of the passengers are under 21 years of age. Illegal drug consumption or possession by any passenger is not permitted. Breaking these terms is grounds for immediate termination of service for all passengers, with no refund.


At the time of the reservation we take a credit card over the phone or online reservations. 24 hours prior to the pick up date we take an authorization on the card to guarantee funds availability. It will show as “Pending funds” on your credit card account statement. The final charge from A1 Classic Limo Group will occur after the services provided by our company are complete (most sales will show on the same day).

We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Payment is processed from our office.

The rate you receive from us over the phone or online is all inclusive of tolls, taxes and any fees. Gratuity is at the customers discretion on all airport reservations. Point to Point and Hourly limo service will be all inclusive with standard 20% gratuity included. NOTE: Other charges which may be added to your quote fare are limited to: Charges for lateness/ tardiness by the customer. Charges for extra stops requested by the customer. Charges for unusual damage to the vehicle beyond reasonable wear and tear.

Failing to notify of us to cancel airport reservations at least 2 hours prior to the pick up will be charged full rate minus gratuity. Point to Point and Hourly reservations require at least 48 hours to cancel.

You may be required to pay a waiting fee in order to receive service if you are (A) more than forty five (45) minutes late for your pickup from an airport or (B) more than fifteen (15) minutes late for your pickup from any other location. The waiting fee is $15.00 per fifteen (15) minute period or fraction thereof. If you are (A) more than sixty (60) minutes late for your pickup from an airport or (B) more than thirty (30) minutes late for your pickup from any other location, we reserve the right to cancel your pickup with no refund. However, please attempt to contact us as we might be willing to give a partial refund in certain situations.

We require at least 2-hour notice to change or cancel your reservation for sedans and SUVs. We require 48 hour notice for all other specialty vehicle such as stretch limousines and Mercedes sprinters. If you cancel less than required notification time, we we reserve the right to charge a 100% cancellation fee. However, please contact us as we might be willing to give a partial refund in certain situations.  

No, you do not need an create an account to make a reservation, but we do require a credit card on all reservations.

Receipts are automatically sent to your email once the charge on your credit card is processed for your reservation. If you have not received or lost your receipt, please call us at (888) 598-6555.


A1 Classic Limo Group dispatch is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Reservations can be placed online 24/7 or by phone from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm EST. Reservation lead time for online reservations is 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time. Should you need a last minute reservation, please call us and we will do our best to help you.

You can either call (888) 598-6555 or e-mail us at to request a copy of a receipt.

Pets are allowed in our vehicles and the best part is that we do not tack on any extra fees. All pets must be in a pet carrier while inside the vehicle.

Please call us immediately at (888) 598-6555. We will need the reservation number and a description of the item. If the item is found in the chauffeurs vehicle, we will reach out to arrange to get the item back to you. Please note we are not responsible for any baggage, personal items, or anything else left behind by passengers in the vehicle.

Airport reservation changes or cancellations can be made by calling us at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time without any charges. Point to Point and Hourly reservations require at least 48 hours to cancel and changes can be made if we have the availability.

Yes, you will receive an email reminder within 24 hours of the scheduled pick up time.